Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The A-Team Movie Review by ME!

Watched the The A-Team on Saturday with Mich and my In-Laws.
As most of you should know, I'm not much of a movie person. How often do you see me blog about movies?
This was not a movie that I would have wanted to watch given a choice. There aren't that many movies that fall into the category.
However, my In-laws and my Wifey wanted to watch and of course, being the nice Hubby and Son-in-Law that I am (*ahem*), I agreed =)

Went to meet them after some work in office and we headed off for dinner first.
We had our dinner in Ang Mo Kio. Read about my Wifey's blog about our dinner at Peppery Western Cuisine  Not very convenient if you don't drive. I loved my Salmon but my Wifey hated her spaghetti. So there, 2 EXTREME reviews.

Ok, back to The A-Team movie.
I'm glad I watched it!
It is surprisingly good. Perhaps it is because my expectations were low?
For a action movie, it has many hilarious scenes.
You get your action and comedy, all-in-one.
Only negative thing? The last scenes where the settings started crumbling down, that's too unreal even for a Hollywood movie.

Overall, I think you should watch it.

Ginseng Tonic Maker - 4 out of 5


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