Friday, June 25, 2010

Conversation of the Day - Language in the Workplace

Recently I was reminded of a module I took back in Uni days..
Language in the Workplace. It is not so  much a English Language or Business writing module but more of a language and context.

The example I remembered very vividly the lecturer gave,
A "No" may not be a "No.

When a visitor pays a visit with gift in hand,

Visitor: Hi, Thanks for inviting me, here's a little gift.
Host: Oh it's not necessary... Don't need...
Visitor: Must.. Must...

Basically it's the "to-ing" and "fro-ing" and how a "No" is not really a "No"..

Why I got reminded of this?


Baby, this Sat Malacca trip, what time do you guys have to be there? Maybe I can give you guys a lift.

Wifey (Sounding apologetic and full of love and concern): 
Baby, it is very early you know.. Also you have to go office after that..

Ok.. So what time is it?

We have to be there by 7am.. It is very early right?...


*Doing the mental  calculation.. hmm.. 7am.. means I have to wake up 5 or 6am...blah blah blah*

Obviously the pause was too long for Wifey.. Coz the next instant.. Before I answered

Baby, I'm sure you can wake up, right? Thanks baby!

Where was the "to-ing" and "fro-ing"?
My lecturer was wrong.

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Of course I will! Enjoy!!


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