Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pixar 20 years of Animation in Science Centre Singapore

Decided to get out of the house with wifey on Sunday...
Not much of a movie-couple..
So finally, after a few reminders by my wife..
We went to the Pixar 20 years of Animation Exhibition in Science Centre
Was shocked to know it started since 2 April!!
So for those who have not visited, catch it before 27 June 10am to 6pm!

Pixar Poster that Greeted us at the Carpark - Buzz Lightyear!

Entrance to Pixar 20 years of Animation

The moment we entered the door and before we even bought tickets..

The toys that caught our eyes the moment we entered the doors
Wifey loves Mr Potato

Me?.. I'm more of a Bag person!
   Ticket Prices:
Pixar Animation Exhibition only: $20
Pixar Animation Exhibition + Science Centre: $21
Pixar Animation Exhibition + Science Centre + 3D Pixar Movie: $24
Discounts available if you are Popluar Bookstore Card Holder or NTUC Union Card Holder

Showing Toy Story 2. Think there are other Pixar movies available like Toy Story 1 and UP
Pixar Animation Science Centre Tickets

Picture before we enter the exhibition

Pics with Monsters Inc.
Our Very own Look alike Contest

My Turn Now..
So who's the winner of the look-alike contest?? Haha...

 No photos to be taken in the exhibition..
Being the law-abiding Singaporeans..
No photos were taken..

Then it was time for the 3D Toy Story 2 movie...

This Way to 3D Toy Story 2

Tickets with the famous Lamp Stamps

3D Glasses
 The 3D movie was much clearer than the normal ones watched in the Cinemas.
I think to pay $21 per pax (after discount) with a movie thrown in 
+ entrance to Pixar Exhibition
+ entrance to Science Centre
Good Deal!!!

--Ginseng Tonic Maker-- Pixar should animate a running Ginseng!


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